Our Story

Once upon a time, two ocean lovin' ladies met while working together at a designer resale shop in Naples, FL. Their names were Gladys and Sam and they became really good friends. Eventually Gladys asked Sam to move in her Sunnyland apartment (hence the name) and allowed Sam to make a mess of her kitchen table sewing bikini drafts and samples.

They went to the beach a lot, and even bought paddle boards together. The dream became a reality one day when Gladys came to Sam with the resources and options to consider.  There was nothing to consider and Sunnyland Swim was officially born.

All the bikinis are made of a fabric called Econyl, which is comprised of recycled fishing nets and post consumer waste recovered from the ocean.  A portion of all sales goes back to the volunteer divers who make this all happen at Healthy Seas!

We hope you enjoy making memories in our swimwear as much as we enjoyed designing them with your needs in mind.

We are proud to make the world a sunnier place, one bikini at a time - stay tuned for the rest of the story! <3